Do Dachshunds Howl?

Dachshunds are a small breed of dog known for their long, narrow body and short legs. They also have big personalities and can howl like nobody’s business.

Dachshunds are often referred to as “wiener dogs” or “hot dogs” because of their appearance, but aside from their adorable looks, dachshunds have some interesting habits. Dachshunds love to howl! These little guys will start to howl when they hear another dog howling in the distance, even if it’s not a dachshund.

If you live near a park with a lot of coyotes or other dog-like animals that howl frequently, you might hear your dachshund at home start howling along with them.

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do dachshunds howl

Why do Dachshunds howl?

Dachshunds have very deep voices for their bodies. The pitch of their voices is caused by their elongated shape and short legs. They have a long body and short legs, which means that their diaphragm is further away from their mouth. This is why their voices are so deep.

Dachshunds are also natural hunters, and their howl is a trait passed down from wild ancestors. Wild dachshunds would howl to communicate with others of their species, warn off predators, and help track down prey.

Dachshunds are also often mistaken for being aggressive when they howl. This can be very scary for other people and can be a problem when you are trying to find your dachshund a new home. Teaching your dachshund to stop howling is a good way to avoid this potential problem.

Do all Dachshunds howl?

No, not all dachshunds will howl. Some dachshunds will only bark and not howl, while others will rarely bark at all. The more they are taught to bark and howl, the more they will do it. While some dogs are naturally more vocal, the restlessness of dachshunds can often bring out the barking and howling impulse.

A dachshund’s age, sex, and temperament don’t really have much bearing on if they will howl. Some dachshunds are naturally quieter than others and will not be as likely to howl, but almost all dachshunds are capable of howling if they are taught to do so.

Can you train a Dachshund not to howl?

Yes, you can train a dachshund not to howl or bark very easily. The key is training them when they are younger and has a shorter attention span. You can use treats, toys, and attention to train your dachshund not to bark or howl.

If you catch your dachshund barking or howling, you can squeal, clap your hands, or make other loud noises to get their attention and then praise them when they are quiet. You can also use a bell on their collar as a reminder to be quiet.

If you have tried to stop your dachshund’s howling and barking and they still do it, you should have your dachshund checked by the veterinarian. There could be an underlying health condition causing them to bark and howl like a stress disorder or anxiety that they are in pain.

Is your dachshund really hurt when they howl?

Not necessarily, but it is possible. Dachshunds can howl for a number of reasons, many of which are harmless.

If your dachshund is howling for no apparent reason, you should see your veterinarian to make sure that none of the following problems are occurring:

  • Your dachshund may be in pain. If your dachshund has recently been injured or undergone surgery, they may be experiencing pain that causes them to howl.
  • If your dachshund is elderly, they may be experiencing other health issues that make them howl.
  • If your dachshund is a puppy, they may be teething and howling as a result.
  • If your dachshund is anxious, teething, or in pain, the howling may be the result of them trying to communicate their discomfort. Dachshunds are known for being very vocal and are often used as therapy animals for this reason.
  • If your dachshund is bored or restless, they may howl as a result.

Dachshund behavior and temperament

When it comes to behavior and temperament, dachshunds are very good dogs. They are friendly, affectionate, and great with children, making them a top choice for families with kids. They are also great with other animals, especially other dogs.

They are ideal dogs for those living in apartments. They are small enough to live in an apartment and they don’t shed, so they are good for people who are allergic to dogs.

Dachshunds are highly intelligent and can be trained easily. They are great for first-time dog owners. Dachshunds are also very loyal and loving and make excellent companion dogs.

Final words

Dachshunds are very vocal dogs and while they can be adorable when they howl, they can also be annoying. This can be scary for other people and can be a problem when you are trying to find your dachshund a new home.

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