What Dog Breed Lives the Shortest?

On average, the dog breed that lives the shortest is the Dogue de Bordeaux, with a lifespan of around 5-8 years. However, it’s important to note that individual lifespans can vary depending on various factors such as genetics, environment, and healthcare.

what dog breed lives the shortest

While the Dogue de Bordeaux is often cited as the breed with the shortest lifespan, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many factors that can influence how long a dog lives. Genetics, nutrition, exercise, environment, and access to veterinary care can all play a role in a dog’s lifespan.

Other dog breeds that may have shorter lifespans than average include large breeds like the Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, and Saint Bernard, as well as some purebred dogs with genetic health issues. However, it’s worth noting that mixed-breed dogs tend to have longer lifespans than purebreds, as they are less likely to inherit health issues associated with specific breeds.


Ultimately, while a dog’s breed can provide some indication of its potential lifespan, each individual dog is unique and may have different health and care needs that can influence how long they live. Providing your dog with proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care can help ensure they live a long and healthy life, regardless of their breed.

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