What Dog Has the Strongest Bite?

The dog with the strongest bite, in terms of bite force, is the Kangal, a breed from Turkey. The Kangal has a bite force of 743 psi (pounds per square inch), which is considered the highest bite force of any dog breed.

Other breeds with a high bite force include the Doberman Pinscher, the Cane Corso, and the Tosa Inu, which is a breed of dog that was originally bred in Japan for dog fighting.

what dog has the strongest bite

What is a Bite Force?

Bite force is a measure of the amount of force a dog can generate with its jaw muscles when biting down. While the Kangal has the highest recorded bite force of any dog breed, it’s important to keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily make it the most dangerous breed. A dog’s temperament, training, and overall behavior are also important factors that contribute to its level of danger to humans.

It’s also worth noting that different breeds have been developed for different purposes, and their bite strength has evolved accordingly. For example, the Kangal was bred to protect livestock in Turkey, and its powerful bite was an important tool for deterring predators. Similarly, breeds like the Tosa Inu were developed for dog fighting and therefore have a strong bite.

In contrast, many breeds, such as the Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever, have been bred for companionship and are not known for their bite strength. However, any breed of dog has the potential to bite if it feels threatened, and bite severity can also depend on the individual dog’s size and weight.

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